Antwerp Skate Contest 2016 – MEET THE DJ’s

DJ Frontside Rock
Name: Laurent Derycke
Age: 40
Nationality: Belgian
Residence: Gent, Belgium
Years skateboarding: 29
Favorite trick: frontside rock n roll, you can do those till you’re 70 and they will still look stylish
What do you expect this year at ASC: hammers, slammers, instagrammers.
What is important for you to look at: that my needle doesn’t skip, best frontside blunts, best style, ridiculous combos, treflip benihanas…
Favorite music: old Madonna and black Michael, teen Rihanna, streetbeats, any song that is against police, Mobb Deep, Nails, Amigo, anything remixed by Soulwax, 90’s boom-bap, ride like the wind, guitars and clenched teeth,…
Street or more into bowl: banks
Stance: goofy


DJ Weyne
Name: Weyne
Age: 37
Nationality: Belgian
Residence: ODK, Belgium
Years skateboarding: 26year
Favorite trick: damn, so many but i choose backside tailslide in transition
What do you expect this year at ASC: real die hard sk8boarding from the top
What is important for you to look at: California girls
Favorite music: Elvis, Gangstarr, Ty Segall, Tame Impala, Steely Dan, Prince, Chemical Brothers, Twisted Sister, Beyoncé, Pantera, Millionaire and offcourse Radio Soulwax
Street or more into bowl: streettricks in the bowl
Stance: goofy


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